Teaching & Learning


Mathematics is the Key Learning Area (KLA) where students appreciate mathematics as an essential and relevant part of life and develop their ability to work mathematically.

Students learn to develop their knowledge, skills and understanding across the strands of Number, Patterns and Algebra, Data, Measurement, Space and Geometry. Through the processes of sorting, classifying, comparing, counting, explaining, estimating, measuring, patterning, representing, calculating and validating, children explore Mathematics by using a wide range of concrete materials. 

We encourage positive attitudes towards learning Mathematics, develop students’ abilities for using Mathematics effectively and endeavour to extend student awareness of the place of Mathematics in society.

Through our Mathematics program students will:

  • develop a sound understanding of mathematical concepts, processes and strategies and the capacity to use these in solving problems
  • develop confidence and enjoyment in doing mathematical activities
  • develop an awareness of the place of mathematics in solving problems of everyday life and in contributing to the development of our society
  • develop the ability to apply their mathematics to analyse situations and solve real life problems
  • develop appropriate language for the effective communication of mathematical ideas and experiences 
  • develop an appreciation of the applications to mathematics of technology, including calculators and computers
  • be encouraged to use mathematics creatively in expressing new ideas and discoveries and to recognise the mathematical elements in other creative pursuits
  • be challenged to achieve at a level of accuracy and excellence appropriate to their particular stage of development




NESA Mathematics Syllabus