School Fees 2024

Catholic Schools Broken Bay receive funding from both state and federal governments in addition to contributions from parents via the payment of school fees. We believe this enables us to deliver a high quality of education for every child. 

Our schools aim to keep their fees as low as possible and provide flexible payment arrangements for families should they need assistance.  Catholic Schools Broken Bay is committed to supporting families who wish to access Catholic schooling for their children. Importantly, no student who meets the enrolment criteria is denied enrolment in a Catholic school purely based on a genuine inability to pay fees and other charges. 

Annual tuition fees for children attending Catholic systemic schools are set by Catholic Schools Broken Bay, which are committed to keeping fees to a minimum. Tuition fees represent the difference between government funding and the cost of educating children in Catholic schools. 

Maria Regina School Fee Schedule 2024

Sibling discounts applied to education fee portion of total fee:
• 25% discount for 2nd child
• 55% discount for 3rd child
• 100% discount for 4th child and subsequent child

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