Teaching & Learning

Extra Curricular

Maria Regina is committed to engaging students in a wide range of activities outside traditional classroom learning. Our students have the opportunity to take part in a number of activities including:

Performing Arts – Band

The importance of music in the development of children cannot be overlooked, and at Maria Regina we pride ourselves on the success of our band program. Currently comprising of almost 40 students, the program is overseen by our Band Director, Claire Belford and a team of dedicated and enthusiastic parents. We offer positions on a range of instruments including woodwind, brass and percussion.

Beginner students, the majority of which are Year 3, spend their first year in the Training Band, learning the art of their individual instruments and the skills required to be part of a musical group.

The Concert Band is made up of students from Years 4, 5 and 6, and who have been learning for more than a year. The focus of Concert Band is the development of technique and sound, with a strong emphasis on enjoyment and stimulating music selection.

Band rehearsals are held every Monday during school hours and both bands perform regularly throughout the year. Performances include assemblies and special school calendar events such as Grandparent’s Day, and also off-campus opportunities such as our annual Pittwater Palms Concert and Avalon Market Day. 

All students in the band program are required to have weekly lessons with a specialist tutor and a full Recommended Tutor List is available through the band committee.

Please visit our School Weebly Video Gallery to see band photos and the band performing at Pittwater Palms,


Special Events