Teaching & Learning


English is the Key Learning Area (KLA) where students develop competence in creating, responding and applying literacy in a variety of contexts.  

Students experience English across all Key Learning Areas and within a range of contexts. Our aim is to encourage a positive attitude towards English, to develop students’ ability in using language effectively and to enable critical reflections on how language works.

The outcomes and content of our English syllabus are arranged in three strands:

  • Talking and Listening 
  • Reading
  • Writing

Through our English program students will:

  • develop knowledge, skills and understandings about English language and literature
  • learn how to interact productively
  • speak confidently
  • listen strategically
  • read with comprehension
  • write well-structured, coherent texts
  • create and interpret a range of actual literacy and media texts
  • learn about grammar and spelling
  • be provided with opportunities to develop their enjoyment, confidence and independence as language users and learners
  • be provided with opportunities to develop their competence in learning and using language in a broad range of contexts
NESA English Syllabus