Student Wellbeing

The role of Parents and the Community

Effective education of children is a partnership between teachers and parents. Our aim is a holistic approach to enable every student to be valued and to feel successful. Positive interactions and relationships between parents, students, community members and staff are important to the well-being of all.

At Maria Regina we acknowledge that parents are the first and most important educators of their children. Parents have the role of nurturing positive values and social responsibility.

Within our school we value and encourage parental and community participation in the education of students by:

  • Creating and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for visitors
  • Inviting families to contribute to school decision-making
  • Inviting families to contribute to school activities carnivals, walkathon, concerts, art show and musicals.
  • Encouraging and welcoming the participation of parents when making a significant plan for responsible behaviour with their children
  • Inviting families to Masses school/class liturgies, assemblies and other celebrations of learning
  • Parent/teacher meetings
  • Parent Network
  • Class parent representatives (2 per class)
  • Maria Regina School Council
  • Parent education sessions
  • Classroom and sport volunteers

Maria Regina has supportive and welcoming class parent representatives who support the school community by acting as a link between the classroom, teacher and parents. Their role within the school engages the community to promote pastoral care such as welcoming new families and fostering of new relationships between parents and students.